We believe Culture of Peace can be spread and embraced by everyone in the South Caucasus

“Strengthening Culture of Peace” is made by and for educators and project coordinators working on social issues willing to improve their performance in regards to their contribution to a Culture of Peace.

If you are an educator, find an easy guide of our competence framework that will help you understand how to include Peace Education in your non-formal educational activities.

If you are a project coordinator, find an easy guide on how to incorporate culture of peace in your organization and your projects.

You can also download the full research papers of the competence framework and the guide for project coordinators in Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian and English in our resources section.

“Strenghtening Culture of Peace” is coordinated by the Academy for Peace and Development and it’s part of its peacebuilding regional programmes in the South Caucasus.

We offer:

To educators:

For coordinators:

Training of Trainers with a special focus on Peace Education and sensitive to Culture of Peace facilitation methodologies and methods.

Training on how to strategically integrate Culture of Peace within the work of the organisations and in the project planning, implementation and evaluation phases.

Consultation for incorporating Peace Education in non-formal educational programmes and curricula.

Mentorship after the training courses to ensure a proper development of the competences gained during the training course.

If you are interested in getting any of these services, check our opportunities or contact us!

Consultation on how to plan, implement and evaluate projects integrating a Culture of Peace approach.

We aim at:

Establish a bottom-up platform of individuals and CSOs from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia with a common understanding and working together to establish cooperative dynamics towards a Culture of Peace through Peace Education and Sensitive Project Planning.

The project

While creating the Peace Education Competence Framework for South Caucasus educators and the Guidelines for Sensitive Project PM&E, we followed these main steps:

Second half of 2017: Preliminary needs assessment with key stakeholders (CSOs and Peace Educators) to design the draft of the programme.

November – December 2018: A needs assessment in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia on how to develop Culture of Peace, targeting educators and CSOs and community leaders;

February 2018: Two feedback meetings of 5 days for 20 people each, with volunteers, CSOs representatives and peace activists for peace attending and providing with feedback; and

December 2017 – June 2018: An in-depth and structure reflective analysis by the lead researchers from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia on how to accommodate the complexity of Peace Education and peacebuilding into practical tips and easy-to-use guidance.

 July 2018: Publication of the website, the competence framework and the guidelines to integrate culture of peace into CSOs strategic work.

These are our further steps:

2019: Training, consulting and mentoring educators and coordinators based on the resources published and adapted to the region.

2020: Training, consulting and mentoring educators and coordinators  based on the resources published and adapted to the region. Creating a platform of CSOs working towards a Culture of Peace through Peace Education and strategic planning for a Culture of Peace.