Introducing peace education
into non-formal education activities

Given the multidisciplinary nature of peace education it is possible and necessary to integrate elements of peace education in non-formal education activities. This can be done either as a transversal element or with specific scheduled educational parts that focus on the topic.

The competence framework presented is meant to be mainly be used during the planning stages of a non-formal educational activity, in order to incorporate peace education. Following are suggestions on how to do it in each of the stages of the planning phase:

Identify learner needs 

During this stage, the educators can ask actively the learners specific questions connected to the learning objectives presented in the competence framework. It is important to identify those competence areas and learning objectives that are more closely related to the general topic of the educational activity planned.

Match learning needs with the learning objectives

Once the learning needs are identified it is important to review the learning needs in regards to the compe- tence framework. For this we need to identify how the learning needs are connected to the competence areas and the learning objectives of the competence framework.

Create indicators for the selected learning outcomes

In this stage the educator creates learning indicators in line with the learning objectives of the competence framework.

Design an activity programme

Having identified what are the learning objectives and the indicators in connections with the competence framework, it is important to find where to include peace education components in the training programmes. These components can be transversal and/or specifically assigned to a specific part of the training programme.

Identify suitable educational tools and methods

Researching, asking other professionals, including the team of the “Strengthening Culture of Peace”, looking at toolkits or being creative are usual ways to choose non-formal education methods that will help to achieve the learning objectives and the indicators developed with the guidance of the competence framework.